Farm Tours

Fresh View Events offers many different tour options at Kildara Farm, from an interactive farm picnic tour for kindergarteners to a comprehensive Chef's tasting tour, we have something that will appeal to everyone.

Chef’s Tours: Specially tailored to address the unique needs of Victoria’s chefs, Fresh View Events has developed a Chef’s Tour program that introduces the city’s best culinary artists to the foundations of good food.  Chefs will learn about soil science, crop rotation, organic standards  and how they transfer to flavour on the plate, as well as participating in an interactive work detail which allows them to gain an appreciation for the intricacies of organic farming and the labour intensive (and thus often more expensive) systems in which organic, healthful produce is grown.

School Tours: Today’s youth are digitized, textified, and video-dependent. Many are completely out of touch with where the food they have in their lunch boxes even came from.  If you ask elementary level children where their dinner came from, most will say “Thrifty’s” or “Safeway”.  Fresh View Events has developed a curriculum which re-introduces children of all ages to the most basic of all systems: food production.  Living on an island makes us especially susceptible to negative repercussions from a natural disaster or transportation break, and as such, learning how food is produced locally, and teaching them how to grow their own,  is an integral part of the education of our youth.  Reducing our carbon footprint is something that is already taught in schools and farming organically is simply an extension of that learning outcome—hosting farm tours and conducting interactive workshops is one way Fresh View Events will be providing Victoria’s children with a holistic picture of where their dinner comes from and what it takes to produce each and every mouthful they consume.


Tour Groups: Tours of Kildara Farm can be booked for any sized group throughout the year.  Tours are individually tailored for different groups and in accordance with the changing seasons; there is something for everyone.  Our planner will work with you to provide a tour option which best suits your group's needs.

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