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If your trainer doesn't have a trainer...

Posted on February 16, 2015 at 11:35 PM

I (Sarah) and Devon (illustrious FVE Planner) have both been "horse girls" for most of our lives.  Horses taught us many things; patience (sometimes), compassion (usually), humility (always). A truly fantastic ride can be followed the next day by one so awful you think someone has switched your horse for a wild mustang.  Such is the beauty of having a working partnership with a prey animal that has a brain the size of a small potato, whose ancesters only survived because when they heard or saw something suspicious they didn't pause to evaluiate the situation--they got the heck out of dodge. The horses who paused to assess the level of danger got eaten by saber-toothed tigers.  Thus the logical thinking part of horses was weeded out, but the panic and run at the slightest noise/movement was carefully preserved (think about this when you drive by a horse on the road--pass wide and slow!)

When I say to non-horsey people "I am going to a riding lesson", I am often asked "don't you already know how to ride!?" The answer is of course, yes!...... And no--riders are always learning and just when you think you have it all worked out, your horse will send you a leaping,bucking memo to inform you that you have NOTHING figured out.  Do not pass go and do not collect $200.00.Even olympians start at the very bottom with each new equine partner-- a situation unique to riding.   There is a saying in the horse world: "If your trainer doesn't have a trainer, you need a new trainer." I think this is true for all of us regardless of industries we work in or circles we travel in.  Who among us has learned everything there is to know? When has one brain learned everything about a subject? Experts still consult other experts, and pooling perspectives has produced some of the greatest breakthroughs humankind has ever seen.  If Alan Turing and Joan Clarke had not learned from each other, World War II would have had a dramatically different ending!

To that end, I am so excited to attend the Floret Farm Designer's Workshop this June in Mt. Vernon, Washington (yes, geniuses breaking the Nazi code is almost the same thing as me learning new bouquet techniques).  Erin and her team have created something so unique and spectacular and I cannot wait to learn from them.  The workshop will focus on all aspects of the floral design process from growing and processing, to designing beautiful bouquets and stunning arrangements! For three days I will be immersed in the Floret world, touring their farm and a local peony farm!!!  I hope to bring back a wealth of knowledge and information that I can put to good use for all our 2015couples and beyond!!!

We can all learn something from everyone, we just have to be open to it! Go get smarter!

Photo Credit www.fieldtovase.com

Me and Badabing--who always keeps me humble and guessing......jerk.

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