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Valentines Day.....Cue spooky music!

Posted on February 9, 2015 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (0)

In honour of the impending "Love Holiday", we've compiled a few little-considered facts about this high-pressure holiday.


1) It's NOT a holiday.


2) The worst night of the year to go out for dinner is February 14th --over booked restaurants are full of tiny two-top tables crammed into alarming spaces and served by a skeleton staff (the real hiring doesn't start until April at the earliest). Result: sub-standard food and sub-standard service.


3) The time of year when flower quality is the worst? You guessed it, mid-february. There is a perfect-storm combination of over-forced, over-grown, over-bought blooms which produces a demand situation that does not occur at any other time of the year. The result: everyone is churning out low-quality, high-volume bouquets just to appease the status quo.


Why are we championing all these anti-valentines facts? Well, in our line of work we see some pretty romantic gestures, we learn about mind-blowing proposals, and get swept away by magical love stories, and the one thing they all have in common is that they don't need a special day to dictate the presence of the grand gesture! So this Valentine's day we think it is the perfect opportunity to reaffirm your commitment to show all the people you love that you love and appreciate them every day and not just on one over-priced, over-rated day!


Love, the Fresh View Team

Resolutions and other terrifying enterprises

Posted on January 19, 2015 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (0)

I try to stay away from "resolutions" as such......they seem like a recipe for failure, a self-set-up for private self-chastising (more of which none of us needs!), but I do try to "resolve" to DO and BE a bit better each year: Clean out my closet (if I haven't worn it in 6 years, I am unlikely to!), start weeding earlier (the ground is MUCH softer when doused with months of rain, so put on your parka and get OUT THERE!!).......and so on! Anyway, this year is completely the same and yet entirely different.  After undertaking the massive leap of faith in renovating the original cattle barn at Kildara Farms and turning it into the wedding venue of many couples' dreams, I have been blessed and gratified to be an integral part of so many wonderful couples' wedding days-- some of whom booked the venue in the dead of winter, mid-renovations! I have to say a huge THANK YOU to all of those incredible, trusting, visionary couples!

...And so it seems people love my love--they love the rustic uniqueness of the barn, the sweeping views, the glorious, rambling English Country Gardens that my incredibly talented mother Daphne has spent years perfecting.  They love the wonderful, relaxed feeling of weddings at Kildara and the warm, inviting feeling that their guests experience from the moment they arrive and park in the horses' pasture to the moment they leave! So my "resolution" this year is to keep working to preserve this unique and wonderful aesthetic!!!

We are so excited to be a part of each and every wedding booked in 2015, whether we are the venue, providing the floral, or just consulting and providing an unbiased sounding board! We are so excited for our 2015 weddings and resolve to keep learning, growing and doing better so each and every one of our Fresh View clients gets the very best of ourselves!


Sarah, Devon, and the rest of the incredible Fresh View Team

Procrastination and other Awesome things.

Posted on January 14, 2015 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (0)

The word "procrastination" has become this intensely negative thing, but our New Year's Resolution is to see it in a completely different light!

A list of what makes procrastination the best personality "flaw" on the planet is what follows:

1) you get more cleaning done in the hour before your guests arrive than in the week previous.

2) While you are busy procrastinating, you are occupying your time with other mundane tasks, therefore when the deadline arrives you have actually accomplished MORE than you would have otherwise.

3) Nothing enables creativity like a desperate deadline.  Its how the wheel was invented.......and the lightbulb....and a lot of other awesome, life-changing stuff.  Go ahead and say thank you to procrastinators everywhere.

Happy New Year!!!

The Fresh View Team.

The David Foster Foundation and other AMAZINGNESS!

Posted on October 22, 2014 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Every now and then, life gives us the bizarre opportunity to make a difference. Sometimes it creeps up on you and taps you on the shoulder. Sometimes, it purchases a great big hammer and whacks you on the head--whichever way life gets you, if you have the wherewithall to pay attention, there are priceless lessons to be learned........


I (Sarah) was recently lucky enough to be a part of the record-breaking 8.2 million dollar fundraising event that was this years David Foster Foundation Miracle Gala and Concert. This is my third David Foster event and every time I have to pinch myself. Not only am I a (tiny) part of such a phenomenal, life-changing event, but I am priviliged enough to get to become a part of David's inner circle for a few days each year--days which always blow my mind.


The work that the David Foster Foundation does is not replicated in any field, in any genre, in any part of the country. He identified a profound essential service-- providing financial support for the non-medical needs of families with a child requiring major organ transplant--and threw himself into it wholeheartedly and never looked back. Twenty Seven years later, David Foster is changing lives at an un-precedented pace, and I could not be more proud to be a small part of his cause.


September 27'ths event in Calgary marked the 27th annual David Foster Foundation event, but it also marked a more remarkable milestone--the largest single evening dollar amount raised by a non profit organization, ever. Ever. EVER! In this country! So thank you David for everything you have done for children, families and (selfishly), for us!. THANK YOU.

It's in the Detaiils!

Posted on October 6, 2014 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

We were lucky to be a part of so many amazing weddings this year, and we still have more to come! But as the days get shorter and we spend a little more time in the office it seemed like the perfect time to reflect on some of our favourite wedding moments from this year!

Thse two beauties lost their home and all their carefully curated wedding decorations (including the dress!) in a tragic house fire--we spearheaded the efforts to give them their dream wedding anyway! Could not be more grateful for the incredible group of vendors who helped pull this one off!

We travelled to Denver Colorado in May for Alana and Jeff's mountain wedding.  These two met at summer camp when they were teenagers and reconnected later in life when a mutual friend set them up on a date! The wedding took place at their old summer camp (natch!) and from the lovely tribute song from the bride's sister and friends, to the heartfelt vows, this wedding was absolutely amazing!

Aimee and Geoff booked Kildara before we even started the renovations! Working as a designer gave Aimee a unique spatial perspective and when her vision came together on August 23rd the effect was stunning! Her mother even hand made these beautiful table runners.

On to the October weddings!

The Bride's Lounge!

Posted on July 6, 2014 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (1)

Last year when we renovated the Great Barn for weddings, we were in such a construction frenzy that once we ripped off the old loft staircase, we never put it back (I use the term "we" loosely here--clearly I did none of the ripping--the amazing men from Birch Road Builders did that while I ran aroundhelpfully showing them printouts of Pinterest boards).  Now that we have had some time to breath, the stairs are back up and we created the Bride's Lounge--a lovely rustic-elegant space to get ready, decompress and absorb the awesome-ness of your wedding day!




The Single Flower Bridemaid "Bouquet"

Posted on March 5, 2014 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

In the late 90's/early 2000's a trend emerged in the wedding world: the single flower bridesmaid's "bouquet".  This trend purported to be everything the hip bride-to-be was looking for; trendy, elegant, simple and budget friendly.  This was one of the greatest wedding lies of the recent past.

My very oldest friend is getting married this year (and by "oldest" I do not mean chronologically old, I mean our mothers were friends when they were pregnant with us and we have remained in touch ever since).  My earliest ballet classes, finger painting excursions and indeed my earliest drama --her babysitter left us in the middle of the day all by ourselves and it took everything we had in our collective 4 year old brains and muscles to push the stool over to the wall (phones were mounted on walls in those days) and remember my phone number to call my Mum to come save us.  All very dramatic stuff.  I don't remember the reason the babysitter gave for leaving the house whilst two toddlers played, but leave she did.  Anyway, other wedding professionals can attest that it is a special time when our very specific skill set can be used to help someone who means the world to us, as it doesn't happen often.   After all, we aren't accountants--weddings do not come around once per year like tax time! So it thrilled me to get asked to be a part of my very first friend's wedding celebration. 

After logistics were all taken care of, we moved on to my favourite thing: flowers.  It was then that the awkward conversation happened--she disclosed that she wanted very simple bouquets for her six bridesmaids, simple being a single bloom.  At this point I was faced with the inevitable friend-versus-client-conundrum. Do you tell your friend that her choice is terrible, or do you just do it because that is what she wants and by extension, that is what will make her happy? The answer took a little soul searching and was very clear once I thought it through; I would never allow one of my friends to leave the bathroom with her skirt tucked into her panty hose, and I would similarly not allow a friend of mine to fall victim to the sneaky 90s single-bloom-bouquet fallacy.  I called her and told her "I'm sorry, I have to say this whether you want to hear it or not, but the single flower bridesmaid bouquet has never successfully been pulled off by anyone. Ever.  In any country, time, or situation.  It only ever looks cheap".  I held my breath until she laughed.  The same glorious laugh I have heard for all of my 34 years on this earth; "see this is why I need you!" she exclaimed as she tried to stop the bouts of giggles, "so I don't make ridiculous mistakes on my wedding day!!!"

I can honestly say that I never felt more connected to my friend, or more sure of the "honesty is the best policy" proverb.  The resulting floral plan sees each of the six bridesmaids carrying cute and whimsical posies which will compliment the bride's fabulous beachy bouquet and look quaint and endearing as they all stand beside my oldest friend and support her while she marries the man of her dreams!

Relatively inexpensive but cute bridesmaids bouquets compliment the bride's bouquet and look awesome in every picture!

Nope. Just not doing it!

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Posted on February 25, 2014 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

I learned something today; when you have a great idea, act on it--even if it seems slightly crazy (well actually I think I've learned this something before, but it always takes a few times before it sticks, doesn't it?)--I'll backtrack for a minute...............

Yesterday I spent the day ensconced in the Fresh View booth at the West Shore Wedding show.  Because I absolutely cannot use the same booth design twice, I come up with a concept each time; this time was Downton Abbey.  Picture lots of antique knick knacks, an artistic take on the bell board and a spectacularly set table complete with a silver candelabra centrepiece that flowed over the table and onto the floor.  Kelsey Goodwin of KGood Photo was the official event photographer and came by the booth to snap a few shots.  One thing lead to another and she off-handedly mentioned how much fun it would be to shoot the set up.........in the snow...........

Since it NEVER snows in Victoria, we came to the conclusion that we had to sieze the (next) day. The task seemed daunting--usually these shoots take weeks or months to plan out carefully, and we were trying to do it after an exhausting bridal show.  But since you can't plan for snow in Victoria, and snow was the very basis for our idea, we simply had to make use of it! The endlessly talented Sharon Rai, principal artist at Sharon Rai Hair and Makeup Artistry enthusiastically came on board, and all of a sudden, our idea seemed like it might actually work! And so appointments were shifted, schedules cleared, wedding dresses and model(s--one was me, beggars can't be choosers!)were procured, and we made the impromptu/looks-like-it-was-planned-for-months stylized shoot happen.


 Our collective vision was fairly simple: to juxtapose typically summery, glamourous scene with the stark white snow.  In a fantastic twist of fate, North Saanich remained snowy for the entire day, even though it was pouring with rain  a mere ten minutes from Kildara Farm, where we did the shoot.

 The result was a magical shoot, beautifully captured by the artful eye (and lens!) of KGood Photo, and now as I listen to the rain pounding on the roof, washing away all our beautiful snow, I am so glad that for once, we did today what we really couldn't do tomorrow!

Wedding Shows

Posted on February 17, 2014 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)

 I had a bride mention that she had been to a few wedding shows and found the whole experience totally overwhelming.  She isn’t alone—by the time 2pm rolls around we have seen enough glazed-over eyes and frazzled looking husband-to-be’s than we can count, so I thought I’d use the blog post this week to give all three of our readers a few tips on how to get the most out of your experience at a bridal show!

1)     Go with a good friend, your mother, your fiancé, your sister, or your mother-in-law-to-be, but don’t go with all 5.  You will get more done if you just have one or two people who can help you discuss ideas and gather information than if you are trying to navigate the crowd with a small crowd of your own—not to mention the endless opinions! It’s far less overwhelming to get brochures and handouts from a few different vendors in each category you are trying to fill, and then invite everyone over for coffee (or wine!) and show them what you’ve got. The process will go quicker and you won’t have to awkwardly explain why you don’t like a certain florist's work or another baker’s cake to everyone,because if they don’t make the initial cut, you don’t have to tell anyone about them!

2)     Have a general idea of the type of wedding you want. Church? Outdoor? Destination? And don’t get sucked in to the booths that have services you don’t want/need.  It’s a waste of your time and a waste of theirs and just helps to saturate your brain with a bunch of information that won’t work for your wedding.

3)     Take the time to thoroughly look through the displays of the businesses providing services you are interested in.  Each booth has a tiny space for the vendors to display a few snapshots of their work, and just because you don’t see something that fits your theme doesn’t mean they are not the vendor for you! Use each booth as an example of what the vendor is capable of, and know that if a wedding planner did a great job of creating a stunning crystal-themed wonderland in their 8x8 booth, they can likely give you any look you want for your wedding, regardless of if there will be a singlepiece of bling on your big day! For example, if you try a cake that’s chocolate, but you don’t really want chocolate cake at your wedding, don’t write the baker off because their sample cake isn’t a flavour you like.  Look through their portfolios, ask questions,and see if you can get some referrals because chances are they can make pretty well any cake you like (and then you can schedule a cake tasting sometime! More tasting cakes=more yummy fun!)

4)     Take the time to really talk to the vendors who catch your attention: what types of events have they done, how long have they been in the business, how did they get into the business? It’s important to feel like you can talk honestly and easily to each member of the team you assemble to orchestrate your wedding.  Chances are, you will be talking to them a lot over the next year or two, and some conversations might get difficult; everything is better when you feel a genuine affinity for the people you are working with!

We are excited to attend next weekend’s show, debuting our “Downton Abbey” themed booth and meeting lots of lovely new couples!


The 2011 booth!

The 2012-2013 booth!


Weddings and Why We Love Them!

Posted on February 10, 2014 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Since Fresh View Events started in September of 2011, the topic of blogging has frequently come up. It’s an obvious fit for those who know me (Sarah)—my UVic degree was in English with a focus on creative writing! It doesn’t get more obvious, but somehow I have resisted.  But February resolutions MUST be adhered to by wedding planners lest we annoy the Gods of Love who rule the month, so here is the first FVE blog post:

Event Planning is a special kind of job, and its princess sister Wedding Planning is even more special. We play an integral role in one of the most significant days of many people’s lives, and that responsibility cannot be taken lightly.  Everyone who has a job knows there are some days that you love, and some days that you hate—days that you KNOW you gave it absolutely everything you had, and days you KNOW you really could have done better. Weddings are such an emotional thing, that we cannot afford to have days when we “really could have done better” on the job.  Every single interaction, every single meeting, and every single wedding day must be treated with a kind of reverence and respect that simply doesn’t exist in most other industries.  Sometimes this is incredibly overwhelming:  what if I just don’t feel inspired today? Or what if I just had a ridiculous fight with my boyfriend/husband/partner over something equally ridiculous, can I really be of service to my clients??? The answer is: I don’t have the luxury of treating this like a question:  On our clients’wedding days, NOTHING. ELSE. MATTERS. (yes, I said that in shouty CAPS).  Because that is what it means to be a professional in this industry!

We are lucky enough to work with wedding professionals every single day who put every personal thing they have going on aside in order to create a dream day for their clients; in fact, we kind of have our clients to thank for getting us through our hard times. You see, we love what we do, and there are no “do overs” on a wedding day.  When we commit to your wedding, we commit to your vision, your hopes and your dreams (cheesey? perhaps, but true all the same), and anything that we might have to worry about in our personal lives gets washed away in a sea of love. After we help you through your wedding, and execute every tiny detail to perfection, I assure you, what might have been an issue at 6am, is merely a shadow after we sit back and watch you twirl around the dance floor with the love of your life!