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                                                About Us


  Sarah Hughes, Principal Designer




 Devon Ball, Lead Coordinator (and Dallas-awesome son!)





Principal Designer: Sarah Hughes, BA, WPICC 

I began my love affair with weddings at a very early age-- one of my earliest memories is of my mother and I driving somewhere in downtown Vancouver, and her pulling over and whisking me into a church because she had just seen a wedding party pull up and she wanted me to see the magic! We watched the wedding from the very back pew and I was transfixed.  I have no idea who that bride was, but watching her float down the aisle that day sparked the beginning of a love of all things wedding that would endure throughout my university years and beyond, eventually manifesting itself in Fresh View Events. I have always loved flowers and decorating, often spending hours coordinating centrepieces and linens for my mother's frequent dinner parties (she is a remarkable cook, a skill I sadly don't share!) But flowers I know; I don't want to brag, but I did win runner up in the Thetis Island country fair in 1985 with a very avant-garde arrangement of daisies and dandelions shoved into a teacup stolen from the "good china" cabinet.

After gaining experience on my own doing weddings for friends for several years, I was lucky enough to meet David Feys, who took a chance on me.  From 2003-2005 I was the principal florist for elite event -powerhouse Feys & Hobbs Catered Arts where I gained a wealth of knowledge under the creative genius of David Feys.  From there I spent six months interning at one of the top design firms in Las Vegas (Avery Brooks and Associates) because if you want to learn how to do events, you go to where 11am on a Tuesday is an event!

Fresh View Events has provided me with the perfect platform to share my love of weddings and events with every single client that walks through our door.  From glamourous to rustic, big budget to intimate gatherings, I make it my goal to ensure that no matter what my clients' vision is, I use every tool at my disposal to make each aspect of their day the very best it can be!

  Lead Coordinator: Devon Ball, WPICC

I love when shoes match purses, centerpieces get along with bouquets, and I love the first time a bride puts on  the perfect dress. As the lead coordinator on many different types of weddings, I am able to exercise my love of detail in my work.  From the tiniest aspect of decor, to double checking that my out-of-country clients have, in fact, allowed enough time in their travel plans to ensure they can pay a visit to vital Statistics Canada to get their marriage license, I value each and every part of my job equally.

After freelancing for several years, I joined Fresh View Events in 2011 and haven't looked back.  From carefully orchestrated boat arrivals (the bride!) to last minute ceremony music no-shows, at FVE we treat each wedding as the unique entity it is and solve every possible wedding-day problem with grace and efficiency, ensuring each client has the most magical day possible. I love holidays, trips and special occasions because they allow me to indulge the innate sense of occasion, which I bring to each celebration I am lucky enough to be a part of! 










 Coordinator: Holly E.Q (her last name is complicated) We are so excited to officially welcome Holly to our team.  She interned with us last year and is joining the staff this year because we decided we simply couldn't exist any longer without her awesomeness!!!

Holly in point form:

-she is always smiling. This is an art, she should give classes.

-She loves the organizational side of events and the indescribable feeling when, against all odds, an event is pulled off successfully and the couple never knew that anything was going wrong at any point in their day!

-She is incredibly organized and tech savvy (the real reason we forced her to join us--FVE is technologically challenged).

-she is your regular all around awesome person--volunteers for the hospital, does awesome things and makes us all feel like we should be doing more to help mankind. 

-She really sold us when she divulged that she loves traveling (who doesn't--well I (Sarah) could do without the plane ride--has no one heard of teleporting in Victoria!? Why is this not yet a thing--it is 2015)--but new places and new food are ALWAYS a yes!)) and "watching movies in my pajamas"--movies are better with elasticized waistbands.


Things we love:                                  Things we hate:

*Ranunculous  (always)                         *Mean people

*Burlap and lace                                     *Polyester pants

*Good hair days                                      *Pinchy ponytails (never)

*Awkward love stories                           *The status quo

*Our families (2 legs, 4 legs, etc!)        *Putting the duvet       *Clean sheets                                                 in the cover

 *Candles  (real)                                        *Stopping for gas

 *Collaboration                                           *Stains that won't quit